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Lions Medical Research Foundation


Our Mission Statement:

"The Lions Medical Research Foundation is committed to raising funds for medical research to improve thequality of life for present and future generations".

The Lions Medical Research Foundation is a non profit organization funding medical researchers. The Foundation is dedicated to raising money to continue its 48 year history in providing seed funding to earlycareer medical researchers.  We continuously seek ways to raise funds by exploring different avenues of revenue; clearly articulating the outcomes of medical research and the positive effects of this research.The Foundation is supported by the Lions community and the greater community in general.

The Lions Medical Research Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors all of whom are Lions members and all participate in a voluntary capacity. The Board has 8 members all elected from the Lions Districts within Queensland and Northern New South Wales. All Board members receive no remuneration as they give generously of their time voluntarily.

The Lions Medical Research Foundation receives no Government funding. The funds are source by donations, bequests, investments, Ray Phippard and Prof. Ian Frazer Awards and the Lions Medical Research Personality Quest. Money goes directly to the Foundation which in turn funds approved medical researchers who at present are based in Brisbane.




The Lions Medical Research Foundation adheres to the Objectives and Ethics of Lions ClubsInternational. The Lions Medical Research Foundation is outcome focused, responsive to community needs and committed to values of excellence in all its' activities. 

The Lions Medical Research Foundation is a community based, not for profit organization dedicated to long term medical research funding to succesfully improve the standard of health for all Australians and people throughout the world.



The Queensland & Northern New South Wales Lions Medical Research Foundation


"The Research of Today Could Be The Cure of Tomorrow"


The Queensland & Northern New South Wales Lions Medical Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing funding for world class medical research. The importance of scientific research mainly cancer research has become increasingly important in today's society.

Since it began in 1963, the Lions Medical Research Foundation has supported internationally recognizedmedical research in a diversity of areas. The Foundation does this by funding early career medicalresearchers. This nurturing results in future medical successes, giving health benefits to all. Some examples of research: Parkinson's Disease, Kidney disease, Asthma, Urodynamics, Anti-venom, Immunology, Ophthamology, Toxicology, Perinatal, Schizophrenia, Diabetes, Skin Cancer, Cord Blood, In-vitro Corneal Transplant, Cancer therapies, Bone & Joint Disease and many others.

This research has given a greater understanding of disease, its causes and treatments. Not only improved methods of treatment but also methods to prevent diseases. The Foundation has provided important funding into health and cancer research that has assisted greatly in the search for, and successful, cures.


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Our prestigious Ray Phippard and Prof. Ian Frazer Humanitarian Award forms can be downloaded from this page.

The Ray Phippard Award is named in honour of Ray Phippard in recognitionof his ongoing service to the Lions Medical Research Foundation over the last 40 years. Membership of Lions Clubs International is not a prerequisite. It is usually given to an individual who has given outstanding service to the community in support of medical research. A plaque together with a label badge are presented to the recipient.


The Prof. Ian Frazer Humanitarian Award is named after Prof. Ian Frazer in recognition of his research into cervical cancer and his assistance to the Lions Medical Research Foundation over many years. Membership of Lions Clubs International is not a prerequisite. The Award is given for outstanding services to the community or support of medical research. A plaque and lapel badge is presented to the recipient.





LMRF Research Fellowships

Consideration is being given to the 2013 Research Fellowship. Please check for further information.





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Lions Medical Research Foundation

Unit 5, "Portman Place"

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Postal Address:

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