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Lions Club of CAPALABA

District 201Q1, Queensland, Australia

Childhood Cancer & Cord Blood


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Every year in Australia more than 600 children are diagnosed with cancer

Three Australian children die from cancer every week

Among childhood illnesses, cancer remains the most common cause of death in Australia.

Lions Australia wants to turn this around.

We need your help so that:

We can help give every child a chance at a healthy life; and

100% survival becomes a reality

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About Us

The Lions Cord Blood Foundation Inc. was initiated in 1996 by Lion Laurie Denton (deceased) a former member of the Lions Club of Waverley Inc. Managed by the Lions Club of Waverley Inc. V5. A District Project of 201V5 and since the Multiple District Convention in Queensland in 2006 the Foundation continues as a Category B Project until June 2014.


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