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Lions Club of CAPALABA

District 201Q1, Queensland, Australia

About Us


We are an Australian not-for-profit charity whose aim it is to:


"bring happiness to the blind and low visioned Australians through the use of assistive/adaptive technology."


In recent times, technology has developed to empower the blind and low-visioned live a more independent life.


The sad thing is that this technology is costly and many potential beneficiaries are low income Australians, managing on a blind pension and who have no means of affording assistive technology.


The founder of Visual Independence, living with a blind person, recognised the need for the establishment of an organisation to assist needy individuals obtain this technology.


Today, Australian Lions Visual Independence Foundation has an advisory committee consisting of Vision Australia, Guide Dogs Victoria, GS1 Australia and Matthews Australasia.


Over 503Australians in need have already been assisted with obtaining this technology through our GRANTS PROGRAM. We are very grateful to the generosity of our sponsors


Through your generous support, Australian Lions Visual Independence Foundation. in conjunction with the various State and Territory based Blind and Vision organisations, are bringing this technology, such as the talking bar code scanner (ID Mate Summit) to those in need.





The following links have been listed to provide you with access to variousvision services throughout Australia.


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